Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 18th September 2016

With a ridge of high pressure out in the Atlantic and RASP indicating plus 3 and beyond by late morning there was everything to play for today. And that didn't apply to just us, even the animal kingdom got in on the act as, whilst we we towing out the gliders, we were greeted by the sight of a young deer grazing by the south boundary! It remained intent on feeding until we got quite close before deciding to bolt into the gorse by the eastern trailer park from which, try as we might, we couldn't extricate it. So should we stop flying until we could be sure it was not going to cross the runway? Or should we, as Paula Howarth succinctly put it: “Play it by deer..!” (We didn't see it again).

Bright and cloudless during tow out of the gliders, when we were met by...
Bambi:  ...a young deer grazing by the southern boundary..!
The day positively blossomed with cu, quite low at first, in lines from SW-NE from about 1130 onwards, allowing One Day Course student Craig Davidson and other trainees to be given extended flights from the start. Today's IFP, Roger Appleboom, had a very busy time, not only with Craig, but flying with visitors David Westcott, Peter Fordham, Barry Lavers and Leanne King. We also welcomed reciprocal aviators in the shape of Henry Ford, from Mendip, and Vincent Radley, from the Mynd, to the delights of flying at Brentor (indeed Henry shared second equal place for Flight of the Day with Paula Howarth at 24 mins (K-8) – the winner being Richard Roberts with 30 Mins in his K-6CR).

Visitor Barry Lavers.
Driving Test Examiner Leanne King gave Roger a ‘Pass’!
Visitor Peter Fordham prepares to fly with IFP Roger Appleboom.
Whilst solo pilots Leith Whittington and Martin Broadway and trainees Dave Downton, Dave Westcott, Ed Borlase and check rider Jo Nobbs plugged away at attempting to soar in cyclic conditions, by 3.30pm it had to be admitted that the skyscape had become permanently overcast, thus preventing the sun from weaving further magic. At the end of the day, however, with 42 launches in the bag, (including 3 by the Zugvogel – the hangar was empty..!), it had to said that some very pleasant conditions had been enjoyed by all

Paula Howarth’s view of the River Tamar
from the cockpit of the K-8 at 2,300ft agl.
A picture in concentration:
Paula Howarth in training to drive the winch.

Martin Cropper

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