Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 11th March 2017

There are signs of spring everywhere with swathes of brightly coloured daffodils and large magnolias making their stunning appearance the darkest street. So with building high pressure the possibility of a good day's flying was overpowering. However, today started out with eight eighths low grey cloud seemingly caught under the high pressure.

At the airfield, though, the members, led by Mike Slogett, today's instructor in charge, were not going to be denied. Their steely determination to fly was only matched by the steel, grey clouds. If the cloud base was too low then cable break practice would be the order of the day. The fleet was awoken from it's slumber in the hangar and  prepared for a busy day. By 11 am the cloud was at least high enough for circuits to be flown and the flying started.

K13's ready and waiting
I would like to report that the cloudbase continued to rise alas this was not to be. At best, a flight could get a full height launch. At times the lower cloud saw launches releasing early. All the pilots coped easily with the variable conditions and the plethora of practice cable breaks.

This gentle looking team would not be denied.
We had a visitor today, Jonathan Salisbury, who, with his son George, was hoping to get some air experience flying. We waited for the conditions to improve and when the cloudbase lifted a little Johnathan had his first ever flight in a glider. However, conditions soon deteriorated again so John and George will be back soon to complete their introduction to gliding.

Visitor Johanthan with Rick
The day finished early with the cloud base lowering once more. The gliders needed, and got, a  good wash before returning to slumber in the hangar waiting for the next opportunity to flex their wings.


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