Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 18th March 2017

Although Spring has officially arrived ( met office ) today was much more like a winters day. Low cloud, squally showers a strong westerly gale, and the generally wet state of the runway, made this an easy non flying day.

The higher Dartmoor tors have completely disapperaed

Step forward our overall clad duo, Rick and Scratch who bustled around changing the brushes in the generator ( who knew that was even a job that needed doing ? ), replacing the brake pads in the ML1 winch and fixing the hand throttle in the tractor. Thanks chaps.

Parts of the airfield are this wet
We noticed that the promised loan backup tractor from Phil has arrived. Did he drive it all the way from home?

The reserve tractor
After several phone calls we managed to bring the committee meeting forward and spend the afternoon discussing the club business and it's future.

 Hopefully the weather will improve soon.


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