Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 4th March 2017

The rain over the last few days has made the airfield very wet. This and the very gusty wind and frequent showers made this a non flying day.

Re-siting the model glider
In the clubhouse, a small crew set about moving the model glider and fitting the new screen and projector to enhance our lecture and video facilities. After this Rick and Scratch disappeared to the hangar where the ML2 winch received a full service of the braking system. Judging by their black faces when they return to the clubhouse later this was a very mucky job.

Testing the new projector
We did have a visitor today, David Archer, came to check us out prior to flying with us when the weather improves.

Today's visitor Dave Archer making himself at home 

Hopefully the weather with let us fly soon.


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