Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 19th March 2017

Another Sunday of low cloud, intermittent rain leading to increasing wind which, coupled with ground that remains waterlogged, meant no flying today.

So, with the list of practicable tasks reducing, what was there to do? How about a welcome return of the Sunday Soarers traditional breakfast?? So, for those not watching their waistline too closely, Paula Howarth was despatched (well, volunteered actually) into Tavistock, returning within the hour with all requisite ingredients, including black pudding, herb sausages and free-range eggs (for scrambling).

The Three Breakfasteers: the return of a Sunday Soarer’s tradition.
That (almost) gave Rich Roberts time to polish out a few blemishes on the starboard wing of his otherwise immaculate Discus, whilst Dave Downton got on with some rather more fundamental fettling of the club’s borrowed K-8.

Rich Roberts polishing the mainplane of his Discus.
Phil Hardwick was on hand to give type conversion training for those unfamiliar with David Brown tractors (see photo of our ‘new’ DB 995, which has been part of Phil’s farm since the early 1980’s!) and if anyone was unwary enough to remain in the clubhouse there was Bronze C ‘Confuser’ training in Principles of Flight (the most confusing aspect of which being the insidious growth in the number of questions outstanding as each question was answered…) 

Our ‘new tractor: a David Brown 9905.
There was also some discussion about the launchpoint air-band radio, and whether it would become illegal when the new 8.33kHz spacing comes into force next year, and the rather inelegantly named airspace ‘grab’ being proposed by Exeter Airport, a link to which is here.

Martin Cropper

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