Dartmor Gliding News-Sunday 26th February 2017

Q1. What meteorological conditions may prevent safe flying operations at your club? a. Low cloud b. Precipitation c. Gusts and Crosswind d. All of the above.

Q2. In the event of such conditions, do you? a. Press on regardless b. light the fire and make tea/coffee for all on arrival c. look forward to working up answers for your Bronze ‘C’ exam d. All of the above.

Roger Appleboom at the east end making a permanent repair to the fence.
Q3. Having spent a good 90 minutes working on the exam do you? a. Look for other useful jobs that can be done, such as hoovering out the gliders b. Make more tea for late arrivals such as Roger Green c. Take pity on the overhead lights by emptying hundreds of dead flies from them d. All of the above.

There’s no flies on these grounded fliers..! 
Robin Wilson, Dave Downton and Roger Appleboom emptying the light diffusers.
Q4. On completion of all this hard work do you? a. Survey the weather again and conclude it’s even worse than before b. Make even more tea and listen to Roger Green’s spine-chilling dits from his hang gliding days c. Realise that there’s a strong possibility of watching England give Italy a drubbing in the Six Nations and so go home feeling satisfied that you’ve done some good for the club on a rubbish day d. All of the above.

Thanks go to Roger Appleboom, Dave Downton, Pete Harvey, Chris Owen and Roger Green for all of the above, which does in fact conceal a serious tip if you are studying for your Bronze 'C’ exam. Got it, yet?

Martin Cropper

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