Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 6th January 2018

New Year - new challenges? No, same old ones. The previous week has been very, very wet culminating in monsoon like conditions on Thursday as the latest named storm passed by. The airfield is as wet as it can be. So, in one way, the decision not to fly was easy, but with the wind in the east, and signs of wave in the sky the decision was made through gritted teeth.

The cap cloud sitting over the moor tells of the wave system in place
Some wave cloud near the airfield seen from some distance away
The small, but beautifully formed, group today did what they do in these circumstances, they got on with things. Mike spent his day doing a mock Bronze "C" exam and studying for the exam next week. This provided a few challenges for the more experienced members as well.

Our mechanical team in the shape of Rick and Scratch decided that today was the day to service the brakes on the GusLaunch winch. As these were originally from the rear axle of a very large lorry, it is heavy work and seemed to involve a lot of dressing up. Later in the day their skills were called upon to swap out the main circuit breaker on the generator which had finally died ( of old age, probably )

Rick ready to service the winch!!
Team work
Hoping to fly soon.


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