Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 20th December 2017

Wednesday dawned bright and blue in some places but not on Dartmoor where you needed an IMC rating to drive your car to the airfield in thick mist.

Airfield in the mist
The Wednesday regulars were undaunted. The sorcerer and his apprentice (Colin and Dave) duly arrived at DGS and got the fire going and a brew up. After discussing various complex subjects we looked again at the weather and decided that the cloud base was definitely lifting and the sun was peaking through the clouds.

Colin and Dave departed for Okehampton to buy widgets and thingymebobs for fixing things while the rest of us finished our lunch and then decided to set up the airfield and get the K8 out in the hope that the weather would improve enough for us to fly. After getting the cables out , DIing them and the winch then taking the fence down our spirits were lifted when the cloud based looked about 600feet above the airfield. Things were definitely looking up, time to get the k8 out.

After completing the daily inspection and pumping up the tyre, we looked up at the sky to see how much things might have improved. Unfortunately the sky looked darker and then some light rain drops dashed our failing hopes so we put the k8 back in the hangar and packed up the field. The weather closed in and we all went home! We tried!

Steve Fletcher

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