Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 17th February 2018

The airfield is still too wet to fly although the recent improvement in the weather is suggesting that we will be flying soon.

Was this wasted day? No a bit of is. For the last week a team of members lead by Mike Bennett have morphed into Civil Engineers and  organised some major site improvements. For several years, the water draining off the airfield had gouged it's own ditch down the cross track making this track increasingly difficult to use. This has been banished for good.

Working on the drainage sump
The drainage pipe
A large drainage pipe has been installed to carry the water away, fed by a sump at the junction between the cross and main tracks. The cross track has been completely rebuild and refinished. While they were at it, Mikes crew have also relayed long stretches of the main track.

Jorg on the roller
A JCB and driver helped the effort
There were lots of members involved in this effort which involved endless hard, physical, working in poor weather, staying at the airfield through the night to receive the 200 tons of road plannings ( track material ), driving many miles with tractor, trailer and excavator ( thanks Phil) and generally lots of effort by all those involved. We thank you all.

A renewed section of track
Some of the crew at lunch

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