Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 13th October 2018

This is the second day of Storm Callum. Luckily, apart from a few heavy showers the day remained mostly dry. The remarkable thing though was the wind strength. This was no ordinary storm. The wind was a wild, snarling thing with gusts that could take you off your feet. Looking around, the gusts looked like little tornados as the autumn leaves were picked up and spun around in circles a meter or two across. Definitely a no flying day.

Looks innocent from here but holding the camera still was a real challenge
In the hangar, Rick and Scratch worked on the front right had side of the Red Discovery. The vehicle put up quite a fight with various seized bolts keeping our would be mechanics honest, but by the end of the day the job was complete with a new disk, new pads and a fully refurbished caliper with new pistons and seals. Left had side next week?

Rick and Scratch wrestling to Landrover into submission
Meanwhile in the clubhouse treasurer Steve Raine was working with Instructor, Mike Jardine in the simulator learning the patter for the flying exercises Steve will need when he progresses to Basic Instructor. Excellent.

Steve and Mike. A study in concentraation
Outside, Mike and Colin used the their time to convert a huge pile of scrap wood into suitable pieces to feed the woodburner which will be needed in the winter months to come.

Reducing the scrap wood pile. Colin and Mike
Hoping for better weather next week.


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