Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 20th October 2018

With high pressure very much in charge, today's sky was cloudless from start to finish. What little breeze there was came from the south. The early morning dew was amazing, the grass couldn't have been wetter if it had been hosed down.

The early morning runway com plete with very wet grass
The launch point was set up at the east end. the winch was set up at the west end just inside the fence line. The cattle in the top field prevented the use of the field to extend the cable length. Initially we removed half of the fence to provide more cable break options but the cattle were so intent on getting onto the runway ( our grass must look a lot better than that in the other field ) that we had to replace the fence.

Heather keeps them at bay while we put the fence back up
Today's conditions lured out several private gliders with the Open Cirrus, Twin Astir and Barry's SF27 all making an appearance. The day did not live up to the promise of thermals in the blue. Best flight of the day was a 15 minute effort by me in K13 G-CHXP with a small thermal located overhead Brentor Church enabling a height gain of a whole 150 feet. A least everyone tried.

One Day Course Candidate Neville prior to his first flight
Today we hosted 2 One Day Courses with friends Neville Devonport and Stephen Robinson.

Visitor Stephen Robinson

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