Dartmoor Gliding news-Sunday 22nd October 2018

Driving to the airfield, the weather was bright with some early morning mist patches which would soon burn off. After a cup of tea and coffee, the early arrivees set about getting the airfield ready. The first job was to sort a winch out. With only one cable available on the Gus it was decided to use ML2. A quick phone call to Rick to confirm it was on line, revealed that the brakes needed adjusting before it could be used. Andy Davey undertook the task and the cables were soon towed out ready for flying.

With both K8’s off line, the two K13’s were DI’d and towed to the launch point. Unfortunately by this time the fog had decended and we had to stand down and hopefully wait for the fog to lift.

The fog descends for the first time.
After about an hour and a half the fog had lifted and we decided to go flying. First up was visitor Joanne Greaves who came with her family and friends. She was a bit of an adrenaline junkie who has previously done a tandem parachute jump. Despite this she did let out a bit of a scream in the first part of the launch. After three short flights she left with a big smile on her face.

Joanne Greaves and Family
Next to fly was returning new member John O’Connell who was getting to grips with the primary effects of controls and starting to use all three controls. Also flying with me to maintain currency were Martin Cropper and Colin Boyd. The other solo pilots Roger Applebloom, Ed Borlase and Andy Davey made use of the K13 with no K8 to fly. Leith added to the circuit count in his Dart.

We also had a visit from prospective junior member Marcus with his father and grandfather. Marcus spent most of the day helping around the field under the guidance of Colin Boyde. Although he was offered the chance to fly, it was decided to return at a later date after buying a voucher.

Marcus and family talking to Leith.
The view from K13 late in the day.
Thanks go to everybody who looked after our visitor and ran the field especially Alan Holland who winched without flying due to a dose of the flu. Only 18 flights with the late start not bad.

Peter Howarth

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