Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 30th September 2018

After two Sundays with no flying, the big question was would we be able to fly today. Again a small band of Sunday soarers gathered and with the forecast giving a moderate northwesterly wind we set about getting the airfield ready for flying. The Gus winch was moved into the top field to maximise the launches. The club K8 and one K13 were readied and towed to th launch point.

Josh Ready to start his Course.
Our ODC Josh Penk arrived and after the usual safety briefing we made our way to the launch point. After his intruductory flight we had a change of front seat for the trial flight candidates Jen and Paul Wren. Both left happy after their flights that were slightly longer than usual due to the 1400’ launches. Next it was time to get Josh back into the front seat to start his hands on experience. At the top of the launch it was obvious that some rain was quickly approaching the airfield. Indeed when we landed the rain could be seen on the canopy. It was time to stand down.

Jen Wren ready for her flight.
Paul Wren looking forward to his flight.
After about one and a half hours the rain had cleared so it was time to head for the skies again. It was soon obvious that more rain was on the way and with the wind freshening it was decide to put the gliders safely away in the hangar and clear the airfield.

A not so friendly sky.
Thanks go to Colin for winching and Andy for retrieving without flying. The only other flights were Leith in the K8 and Ed in the K13 with me for the couple of flights after the break. Hopefully better weather next week.

Peter Howarth

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