Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 7th October 2018

With yesterday being a non flying day, todays forecast gave light northerly winds backing north westerly as the day progressed. A steady flow of members arrived and we set about getting ready to fly. Again we were able to place the Gus winch in the top field to give higher launches.

Getting Ready to Fly
First to fly with me was David Westcott for a check flight. After a perfectly executed cable break recovery he was cleared to fly the K8.

Result of cable break practice soon sorted by Ed and Phil
The Sunday soarers welcomed back Martin Cropper to the airfield after his recent lay up. Martin had a quick flight with me to maintain currency before the first of a full days trial flights arrived. Our first visitors were family dad Ron Ayre, son David Ayre and brother in law Graham Lawton. They were joined by many family members who all came to watch.

David Ayre and family members.
Ronald Ayre
Graham Lawton
The next visitor was David Pike who had to wait for his flight due to a cable tangle which had delayed Graham’s flights. Again the winch and retrieve crew were put to the test sorting things out and getting us flying again.

David Pike waited patiently for his flight.
Our last visitor was Steve Hart who enjoyed two extended flights due to 1300ft launches.

Steve Hart
Our solo pilots David Westcott, Ed Borlase, Roger Applebloom, Alan Holland and Josef Nobbs all enjoyed flights of various lengths in the K8. The longest flight of the day was Josef who managed 26 minutes. The twin Astir made an appearance and was flown by Phil Hardwick and Martin Broadway. Thanks go to all who helped run the field today.

Peter Howarth

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