Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 4th September 2021

The forecast was not great. The atmospheric soundings made the day look hopelessly stable. The easterly wind was not likely to help. Stable layer with inversion  - no; wind speed increasing with height - no. Oh well even though it looked hopeless the equipment was prepared as there was quite a lot of training flights needed.

K13s ready for a busy day
Mike Bennet was up first with Rick. They few a series of practice launch failures. I launched next with Peter Howard our first visitor of the day. We found some bouyant air over Mary Tavy which consisted of some ephemeral bubbles of lift in a defined area - rotor maybe? Whatever it allowed us to maintain our flight for 13 minutes or so. The K13's were joined by the Twin Astir and several flights were recorded in the 15 to 20 minute range. Steve Fletcher joined the fun and recorded 39 minutes in his Open Cirrus.

Peter Howard after his trail lesson
K13 G-DCCY soring over the south field
he soaring possibilities evaporated and a lot of circuits were flown until about 2.30pm when thermals started to form. As usual these were not easy down but with care and a little luck soaring started in earnest. The best flight during this period was Ged and Malcolm in the Twin Astir with 1 hour 52minutes. 

Malcom's view of the airfield from the Twin Astir
We welcomed Alan Hutchinson and Beryl Trantor for air experience flights both of whom enjoyed soaring flights with me. Also with us today was Milosz Wysocki returning  after his One Day Course to begin flying training.

Milosz training on the quad assisted by John 

Beryl ready to fly
Myself with Alan Hutchinson after his flights
Today was so much better than forecast


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