Dartmoor Gliding News - Sunday 22nd January 2023

Yes we are back. After yesterday’s first flying day of the year, the Sunday soarers were keen to get back into the air. With no planned visitors, one K13 and the K8 were taken to the launch point. First flight was myself, solo in the K13 to shake off the cobwebs ready for the days instructing. With the fence down, this enabled shorter landing runs which enabled a quicker turn around with the small crew assembled.

Sean Westrope was the first trainee in the K13 with me. Having not flown since November 2022 today was spent bringing him back up to speed with coordinated turns, trimming and speed control. Hopefully regular flying now will see him progress with his training.

Sean receiving some advice.
K13 arriving back.
The second trainee to fly with me was Matt Stone. After the first flight to get back into the swing of things it was time to put into practice some of the lectures received over the recent wet weekends. After his six flights during the day, Matt was flying the top part of the launch and also flying the approach. He achieved his first landing on the fifth flight. The last flight resulted in a launch failure which added his first demonstration of a land ahead launch failure. Well done Matt.

Matt doing his pre-flight checks.
The third trainee to fly was Robin Wilson. Three flights were spent shaking off the cobwebs and included a demonstration of what energy is available when you land with flying speed. More flare next time Robin.

Robin looking towards the snow topped tors.
A much drier airfield.
Solo pilots, Richard Roberts, Ed Borlase and Phil Hardwick took turns in the K8 to shake the cobwebs off.

Richard and the K8 returning.
Looking over Blackdown towards the northern tors of Dartmoor.
K13 in a overcast sky.
Thank you to all who were at the club today keeping things moving allowing us to get back to what we all enjoy doing.

Peter Howarth

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