Dartmoor Gliding News - Sunday 14th April 2024

At last another Sunday when flying could be done at Brentor. With a light wind straight down the strip the Puchacz, a K13 and a K8 were readied and towed to the east end launch point. Early flights would be check flights for those that needed followed by training flights.

First flight was Steve Fletcher with me for a re-acquaint of the Puchacz ready for our visitors during the day.

Steve brings the Puchacz smoothly down.
Next to fly with me Adam Hoskin who after a quick launch failure and circuit was cleared to fly solo again. Adam was followed by Ed Borlase who was also cleared after a short soaring flight and launch failure.

Ed's view of the Puchacz sharing a thermal.
The Puchacz view of the K13.
Our first visitor arrived. Steve's neighbour John Siewruk was flown by Steve and enjoyed a 33 minute soaring flight.

John enjoying silent flight.
John receiving his certificate.
Close on John's heels was our next visitor Simon Grainger. Simon came from Copplestone near Exeter to enjoy 2 flights with Steve. The second was a 28 minute soaring flight.
Simon and Steve ready to go.
My next trainee was Sean Westrope. With only one flight in the last 6 months Sean needed to brush off the cobwebs and get back into the swing of things. His first flight was a wake up call. A cable break at 500ft which was well handled in accordance with his eventualities. After a few name calls he realised it was actually a real break and nothing to do with me. Further flights including another real break and a hangar fight at the end of the day should see him back solo on the next flying day.

Sean being launched by enthusiastic junior Toby.
Last trainee for the day was Toby Irons. With his last flights three weeks ago, today was used to refine and polish his launches, circuits and landings. Two complete flights with little prompting sees him well on his way through his training.

Solo pilots Adam Hoskin, Ed Borlase and John Allan all enjoyed flights in the K8. They were also joined by Gavin Short who came to the launch point for a couple of flights after working in the hangar with Colin Boyd.

John's view of Tavistock.
John claimed flight of the day with 44 minutes. Thank you to all at the club today. A successful day getting back into the air with some soaring added in as well.

Peter Howarth

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