Saturday 11th February 2012

Very similar weather to Wednesday i.e. blue sky, cold, light easterly wind with a single wave bar sitting 3 miles upwind over the western flanks of the higher moorland.

After changing winches to use the recently repaired GusLaunch ( thanks Ged ) a full flying program commenced with Scratch Hitchins and Mike Jardine taking in turns to fly the 2 seater from the rear seat to keep their friends and family privileges.

Mike and Scratch took in turns flying each other around in the K13.
Air ex instructor Sean Parramore was kept busy with the 4 morning flights with Steve Wright, todays One Day Course student. Steve’s course was completed with 4 more flights, this time with Ged, today’s supervising instructor.
One day course student Steve Wright with Instructor Sean.
Meanwhile, Martin was working away on the Pirat, adjusting the airbrakes and replacing the fabric cover on the wing centre section. Sandra prepared the clubhouse for the evenings committee meeting and Chris hung the Cornish Gliding Club sign in the hangar as a mark of respect and thanks for their donations to us.


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