Thursday 23rd February 2012

Very low cloud, but no drizzle. So this turned out to be a very busy housekeeping day.

The new launch caravan was located at the west end of the airfield. The marketing caravan and Landrover were found a new home out of sight behind the hangar. A trip to the scrapyard generated a little more cash for paint. The paint for the hangar floor arrived, and the hangar is a little closer to clear.

Alan Ballard, our Winchmaster, busied himself setting up our brand new winch parachutes. Richard and Matt created a classroom in the clubhouse for the cadets afternoon session.

Well done to Steve Raine for a convincing pass of the bronze C exam.

Then 18 cadets arrived!! Richard and Matt delivered classroom tuition for the early cadets, while Sean and I looked after the more experienced cadets with briefings on effects of controls, airfield operations and Daily Inspections.


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