Wednesday 15th February 2012

Today it was 'blowing a hooley" from the northwest when everyone arrived, so after a course inspection and the now-traditional firing-up of the woodburner, it was back to the clubhouse for a chat about the objectives and content of our recently introduced standardisation sessions for Brentor pilots. Copies of the BGA's most recent Safe Winch Launching leaflet were handed round and we nattered about these, before fellow instructor, Dave Jesty, and I headed into the wilderness to re-assess the weather as well as surface conditions at the east end of the field.

Reluctantly, we made the decision to make phone calls cancelling trial lessons. Meanwhile for club members - all present being solo pilots - it was a case of dual flying only and honing skills at tackling a strong cross wind and an unforgiving wind gradient. Launching took place from the south side of the field near the corner of the stub runway, with all but a couple of landings taking place on the stub itself, which was into wind and mercifully mud-free.

A welcome visitor late in the day was my old Mosquito syndicate partner, Jeff Taberham, who now keeps the glider at North Hill. A DGS member in the mid-eighties - and claiming still to be a life member of our club - he clearly enjoyed chatting about the good old days over a cuppa with Chairman Steve Lewis (who needed thawing out after spending time attending to a technical problem with the winch).

Thanks to everyone who turned up, and especially to Phil Hardwick followed by John Howe for giving us excellent launches on a challenging day.

Bob Pirie

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