Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 16th September 2015

Like Captain Jack Sparrow searching for the Black Pearl, we had today, what could be best described as, a skeleton crew. The numbers were probably reduced by the dreadful weather forecast. The tail end of a hurricane was mentioned, with high winds from the north and bands of torrential rain running in from the south east. In the event, we did have  the strong gusty north, north east wind but no rain at all.

Steve and Ged getting ready in K13 G-CHXP
There was enough of us to fly, so it was out with a K13 and on with the show. Ged took the opportunity to fly with our trainees, Steve Fletcher and Jorg Beasley who took a couple of flights each to explore flying in these conditions were the approach could best be described as challenging. Bob Pirie did some mutual flying with our more experienced members as his swan song. This may be Bob’s last visit to the club as he is moving house soon. Thank you Bob for the many years of Instructing, augmented by some great editorial work with the blog and newspaper articals.

The windsock does not really show the strength and gustiness of the wind today
Best flight of the day was by Phil Hardwick, flying with Bob in the K13, who managed to soaring the north ridge for 11 minutes returning for a landing on the stub runway. A smiling Phil told me that “This was the best the ridge has ever worked for him”. Well done Phil.

Phil ridge soaring in HXP
Our thanks today go to Adrian Irwin who drove the winch all day without wanting to fly and to Field Manager Jorg who spent a fair bit of time mowing the south side of the runway after we had returned to the clubhouse for tea and medals.


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