Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 2nd September 2015

With the current low pressure system located over Norway, today promised a broadly northerly airflow with maybe a few showers. In the event the wind was NW 6-9 knots with occasional gusts to 21knots. The showers that were clearly visible from the air never reached the airfield. The visibility was astonishing; from a 1500 feet launch the north coast was clearly visible approximately 40km away. Brilliant

Today there was a full visitor programme with Alasdair Lambie, Amelia Johnson, Liam Beesley, and Caroline Gill flying with IFP Fred Marks. Michael Gascoigne-Pees, Stuart Richardson and Adrian Parsons flew with me. Ged was also kept busy with club training so both of the K13’s were well used today.

Alasdair Lambie with Fred
Amelia Johnson shares a joke with Fred
Fred with Caroline Gill
Michael Gascoigne-Pees
Stuart Richardson
There were some privateers out today to join the Zugvogel and K8. The Twin Astir, Open Cirrus and ASW20 all made good use of the soaring opportunities with the best flight being 1hour 15 minutes by Martin Broadway in the ASW20. The day just lasted and lasted with even the last flight of the day soaring at 6:202 in the evening.

Phil Hardwick flew with his daughter in the Twin Astir
Today saw a change of personnel in one of our busy syndicates. Bob Pirie flew the ASW20 for the final time today as his share will now be taken over by Adrian Irwin.

Out with the old. Bob Pirie's flinal ASW20 flight
And in with the new. New syndicate partners Martin Broadway and Adrian Broadway
Our thanks must go to Heather who drove the retrieve all day,to Barry Green for his winching and to everyone who helped with all the seemingly endless tasks on a busy flying day


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