Dartmoor Gliding News-Friday 13th May 2016

Friday 13th May  weather forecast puzzled me, but Ged and Gordon got it right – ENE for half the day then N then NW. So had to change ends half way through the day.

Not many pupils today, so Ged and Dave Bourchier kindly helped at the Launch Point.

Jeff Cragg was given two launches to start with, the first abandoned after a short hop.
Then two brief flights, one with brief soaring. Steve Raine managed 10 minutes with soaring just east of Brentor Church, then  a briefer flight. Jorg Beasley had four brief but action packed flights early afternoon.

Ged then commented: it looks as if it's getting thermic! I flew with Gordon for the first time and enjoyed the convergence of a northwards moving sea breeze front hitting the Southwards main air mass for 48 minutes. An inversion at 2,000ft we couldn't penetrate, with side slipping practice high up, then demonstration for the landing, so was pleased to buy the beers!

In the meantime Colin was in the workshop working on the trailing edge of a wing all day. Well done Colin.

Our Author Robin.
Pictured on a somewhat sunnier day
Robin Wilson

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