Dartmoor Gliding News- Sunday 1st May 2016

Norman Greenbaum (1979), The Archies (1969) and The Kumars (2003) (not to mention Clive Dunn) all had 'One Hit Wonders' ie. they had a Number 1 hit once but never again in the UK Top 40. Well, today was 'One Launch Wonder' day ie. we managed only one launch.

Now whilst some might describe this as a triumph of optimism over common sense others might say 'Never cancel a flying programme on the basis of the forecast', and so we didn't; only to discover that, by the time we'd got the kit out, perhaps we should have..!

Nonetheless, conditions did permit our new Instructor Gordon Dennis to give One Day Course student Bryony Venn a 'One Launch Wonder' (see photo), at the end of which it was concluded that there was little value (cloudbase, crosswind and moisture) in continuing.

One Launch Wonder' Bryony Venn with Instructor Gordon Dennis.
And so we returned the gliders to the hangar for a thorough wiping down. Once that was done, Gordon and Bryony got to grips with the simulator, whilst others invested their time in swapping tall tales with Std Cirrus owners Chris Owen and Pete Harvey (who arrived pick up their glider trailer) or catching up with their log book/progress card entries.

As the odd, irregular drop picked up a rhythm, and the church disappeared from view, it was time for Dave (the 'Voice of Dartmoor Gliding') Downton to rearrange the rest of today's bookings whilst some of us to sloped off home either to see if we could obtain some windfall brownie points or/and to catch a glimpse of that beautiful geometry also known as the snooker final.

Thanks go to all who willingly participated in getting Bryony into the air, to Roger Appleboom for promising to come up with a device that will avoid us having to loop the cable through a tyre when we want to reel it in, and to Ed Borlase for devising a graphic of the layout of the hangar, which will help everyone (who finds that no-one in their immediate vicinity can quite remember how the hangar is stacked...)

PS. Roger Appleboom has recently ssubmitted a report of our exped to the Long Mynd.

PPS. If you want to see hangar stacking transformed into a 3D work of art, go to the aforesaid Long Mynd...

Martin Cropper

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