Dartmoor Gliding Club News-Sunday 21st January 2018

Today was a No Fly Day, as any and every person with half a brain would have realised from any and every forecast available on any and every form of media.

Today was a No Fly Day...
But that didn’t stop people from turning up at the club, to engage in all forms of activity, such as answering the ‘phone (“No, we’re not flying...”), contemplating tasks on the To Do List (“What are You Doing Here, Go Home..!”) or working through some Bronze ‘C’ subjects, for example what is Buys Ballots Law (a retail form of Brexit?), why is flying near thunderstorms not a good idea (it gets the elevator wet in the K-13, which then needs drying out - let alone yourself...) or if there’s low pressure over Scotland, which way is the wind blowing over England? (ie. towards or out of the kilt...).

Which provides a very timely reminder that next Sunday is our Burns Night Breakfast – yes, for just £2 (that’s 40/- to a Scot...) you can come along and witness Roger Appleboom rustling up a lome sausage and genuine north of the border haggis, with a tam o’shanter on top and nothing underneath..! Now that’s an event that people will want to be able to say: “I was thaire, ‘twas a saight too behold..!” If you want to be a part of this ‘rair’ occasion, please register with Roger (rappleboom0@gmail .com), to ensure that you get a bite of the action...

Martin Cropper

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