Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 23rd June 2018

The RASP read well for the day with a boundary layer in excess of 4000 feet and with indications of the wind changing directions from a light southerly direction to a light northerly direction by the end of day.

Tasks planned for the day were Richard Roberts in his discuss to Crediton and back and for Steve Fletcher in his Cirrus for a 5 hour duration to complete his Silver C.

We had 6 visitors for trial flights but we had a small but effective crew to run the field with winch driving , cable retrieve and running the launch point.

James Champ
First off was myself and James Champ. Thermals weren't too strong so we had three flights to have good look at the area.

We watched Steve Fletcher launch at 11.40 off for his duration flight, fingers crossed.

Richard Hewitt was next in the air for his birthday voucher flight.
By the start of the afternoon thermal conditions improved with multiple flights between 1 to 2 hours for Richard in the Discus, Barry in his K6, Phil and Malcolm in the twin Astir. and Allan in the K8.

Tessa Sanders
Next was Teresa Sanders. We launched and as Richard Roberts was thermaling above Blackdown, that's where headed and spent 20 minutes taking in the views at 1700 feet.

Brothers Cameron, Charlie and Angus Hill were keeping track of who could stay in the air the longest. Well they all enjoyed 20 minutes in the air up to heights of 2700 feet and took an opportunity to take control of the aircraft, future pilots maybe?

So Richard achieved his Crediton and back trip, what of Steve Fletcher? Well at 17.11 he landed back at the airfield having achieved his 5 hour duration flight (5hr 31minutes actually) and final leg of his Silver C. Very well done the smile tells all.

Looking pleased with his 5 hour+ flight - I think so
Big thanks to the winch drivers,retrieves and launch point crew for working hard and efficiently in very hot conditions, a very enjoyable day for all.

Mike Jardine

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