Dartmoor Gliding News-Saturday 2nd June 2018

A somewhat cloudy day. RASP was suggesting a good day for local soaring. The wind was a little troublesome being directly across the runway from the south but it was reasonably light at about 8 knots.

The sky was looking good with cloud streets running up from the south but this proved to be a false hope. Try as we might there was just no significant thermal activity to be found. Strange. This a least made it easy for us to ensure that all the gliders were clear of the Red Arrows as they passed a little to the west. It was a bit if a treat to be able to talk to them on the radio.

Mike Jardine was satisfied with his soaring flight in the Astir CS
Phil Hardwick towing the Twin Astir back after his soaring flight
At around 4pm the sky suddenly switched on. Mike Jardine was the first to take advantage with an 18 minute flight in his Astir, followed by Allan Holland (K8) at 55 minutes , Andy Davey ( Zugvogel 3B ) at 59 minutes, Mike Jardine (K13 this time) at 41 minutes. Longest flight of the day was by Ged Nevisky and Phil Hardwick flying the Twin Astir at 1 hour 10 minutes. I've wait a while to be able to asign best flight to the Twin Astir. Well Done chaps.

Visitor Arthur Shiers with Mike Jardine
We had 2 visitors today. Arthur Shiers and Simon Ovens both of whom enjoyed their flying with Mike Jardine.

Simon Ovens waiting to go soaring with Mike Jardine.
Many thanks to all those who helped make today a success


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