Dartmoor Gliding News-Sunday 27th May 2018

Although driving to the airfield in rain, the forecast was optimistic for a clearance and flyable weather later in the day. After the initial cups of tea and coffee the clouds were still hanging low over the airfield so we set about some of the maintenance tasks around the airfield. Andy Davey fired up the tractor and set about cutting the grass. This was until a minor repair was required to the mower. Phil Hardwick and Andy set about finding the necessary nuts and bolts to affect the repair. They were ably assisted at various time by Roger, Leith and Martin.

Phil and Andy sorting the mower.
Meanwhile Richard Roberts and I set about various repairs to the hurdle fence. With several tie-wraps, pieces of wire and penetrating oil, wire fencing was re-attached to the frames and barbed wire was tensioned. The next stage was to swap several of the panels around. Any that were in poorer state of repair were placed at the southern end. At the north end the top of two panels were painted green. It has been agreed with our landlord that these are the only two to be removed should he need to move livestock around, Richard is continuing to talk to him with regard to the access and use of the top field.

Green Fence Panels
Colin arrived to look into the instrument problems on HXP. After a little fettling it required a flight test on bank holiday Monday. He also supervised the swapping of wheels of the K13’s and replacing of the bearings on DMX’s wheel. Joe Nobbs set about repairing a puncture to an inner tube and fitting to a spare wheel assembly. There is a nearly complete spare wheel for the K13’s.

With a few of the small crew disappearing to spend time with families, and the weather not really clearing it was time to pack up and head home.

Peter Howarth

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