Dartmoor Gliding News-Wednesday 6th June 2018

I know a song that will get on your nerves, get on your nerves. More about that later.

The weather forecast was for light north easterly winds with easterly wind later in the day. Although there was a north westerly at ground level, which tempted changing ends, launches were of good height showing the upper winds were as forecast. Even the twin astir was achieving 900ft launches. Ged, Robin, Phil and Trevor in various combinations flew the twin astir. The combination of Phil & Trevor did best with 48 minutes. Other private owners achieved notable flights. Andy Davey in his Zugvogel 53 minutes and Barry Green in his K6 34 minutes. The K8 was well used by Steve Fletcher, Martin Broadway 1 hour 2 minutes and Alan Holland 1 hour 3 minutes.

Bob Samson had six flights with me with launch failures and circuits thrown in. Hopefully he will re-solo soon and be back in his K8. Paula Howarth was also visiting the club again and had two flights with me. The second was a complete flight by her, proving that she hasn’t lost her touch being away.

Our visitors today were the stars of Some Mother’s Do ‘ave ‘em in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth. Organised by Ed Borlase, Joe Pasquale and Sarah Earnshaw were keen to experience a flight in a glider. First up was Sarah. After she was strapped in and the checks done, off we went. The screams finally stopped at about 600’ and all were heard from the ground. Thankfully they were screams of delight and not of sheer terror.

Sarah Earnshaw ready to go.
Next was Joe who holds a PPL. So after the launch I allowed him to take control. He mastered the controls quickly and we even managed to climb to above launch height in weak lift. Unfortunately it didn’t last and we were soon back down to circuit height. I re-took control at about 500 feet to complete the circuit and landing.

Joe Ready to fly.
The last visitor was Nick Ryal, the company manager for the show. We had a 14 minute flight including sharing a thermal with other gliders which was a good experience for Nick.

L to R. Paula, Joe, Ed, Sarah, Nick and me.
Sarah and Joe at DGS
Thanks go to Heather for retrieving all day. She was rewarded with a cuddle from Joe.
 Also thanks to all the others not named for winching, retrieving gliders and running the field etc. A good day was had by all. We didn’t get a rendition of the song from Joe, but he did keep us entertained during his visit. After leaving the club Joe has said thanks to his experience at DGS he will be looking into finding his local club and taking up gliding instead of power flying.

Peter Howarth

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