Dartmoor Gliding News=Thursday 31st December 2020

 Well , no flying  today ,but just enough time for the ‘Big DGS tidy up’ to continue. An ad hock day when Rick and Scratch (along with David our friendly neighbouring farmer and his forklift) managed to remove not one but TWO daf 1160 engines out of the winches!  Other equipment was also removed from them for recycling to other winches further afield in wales ( when travel permits).

The steel cables were removed from the drums as well as all the scrap metal and wood on the site being segregated ready for recycling or burning soon.

Scratch ‘pleased’ ?? with the new , now zero emissions winch!
 (Only downside is it’s now zero launching )
Well done all who were on site. A good end to 2020

Onward and upwards 2021.

Happy new year all.

Richard Roberts

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