Dartmoor Gliding News - Sunday 8th May 2022

Several emails over the last couple of days gave hope of some good soaring conditions. RASP gave a shorter period of good conditions compared to Skysight. Early arrivals at the airfield were privateers rigging their aircraft in hope. The view towards the moors showed low orographic cloud which could provide some interesting navigation for the Ten Tors walkers returning to Oakhampton Camp.

Orographic cloud over the moors.
After unpacking the hangar to access the two serviceable K13's we got ready to start flying. Mark Worsfold was first to step into the K13. The first launch was abandoned at 1000ft as we were about to enter cloud. This short first flight was followed by two full launches with good circuits.

Mark with trusty mirror keeping a good lookout.
Next to fly with me was Paddy Cosgrave. Paddy will soon be off on a month's trip to Sicilly, so was hoping to leave on a good note. Four flights saw him execute his first approach and landing including a 17 minute soaring flight.

Paddy happy after his first landing.
Freddie Colton was next into the front of the K13. Today Freddie experienced his first launch failures. The first was a demonstration by me followed by a go around failure flown by himself. This seems to start happening as you approach the latter stages of your training. The end of the day saw Freddie have a 46 minute soaring flight topped off with a perfect approach and landing. Well done.

Today we had returning One Day Course Candidate Trevor Williams. His previous visit was curtailed due to the weather. Trevor was treated to a 43 minute soaring flight, a launch failure and two other flights. He left happy with his progress and a better understanding of what gliding is about.

Trevor with Richard on his previous visit.

Oliver Hunt and Riley Powell-Thomas were back at the airfield today. As they are at the stage of practicing upper air exercises, they flew with Richard to lighten my load. They also got stuck into some groundwork retrieving gliders and launching the aircraft. Next stage will be to fly with an instructor to continue their training.

Solo pilots Ed Borlase, Steve Fletcher and Adam Hoskin all enjoyed flights of different lengths. Ed had 1 hour 12 minutes.

Ed ready to launch in K6 EWO
Steve Fletcher managed 2 hour 5 minutes in his Open Cirrus CGY.

Steve launching in the Open Cirrus.
Having helped around the launch point and doing a sterling job winching, Adam Hoskin thought he had missed the boat for a soaring flight. Steve had previously reported that there was a line of energy south of the airfield that could be used to stay aloft.

Adam in K6 BVR aka Woody
Adam was soon seen using the reported line of lift which seemed to develop and was soon climbing well. He eventually returned when he noticed the rest of the field was being packed away. This resulted in pipping Steve for flight of the day with a creditable 2 hour 6 minutes. The K13 also had extended flights in this area which was put down to thermal with a wave influence and included Freddie's previously mentioned 46 minutes.

Steve's view to the north.
Ed's view south.
Ed's view of the Open Cirrus
Ed on approach.
Thank you to all at the airfield today. A day that promised a lot more earlier on, but saved the best part of the day towards the end of the day.

Peter Howarth

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