Dartmoor Gliding News - Wednesday 15th November 2023

With all the other news items happening at DGS (Dartmoor Gliding Society) can the Wednesday Wavers deliver anything else. A low turn out in the brisk westerly breeze and recent unsettled weather, the duty instructor carried out an airfield inspection. The decision was for one K13 and one K8 to be readied and taken to the east end launch point.

First flight of the day saw Robin Wilson set a day winning time of 13 minutes whilst flying with Mike Jardine.

Robin ready with Mike.
Robin climbing at 2000ft,
Two further flights by the K13 deemed conditions out of limits for the K8 with the hope that the wind would abate as the day progressed.

Our first visitor arrive for duty IFP Steve Fletcher. Julie Moss arrived with her family and enjoyed three flights with Steve.
Julie all smiles with Steve.
After three previous attempts to fly with us, Mike Poustie arrived for his flight experience. Three flights saw him leave saying the wait was well worth it.
Mike receiving his certificate from Steve.
Having taken a weather check flight in the K8, Mike cleared the K8 for general flying. Phil Harwick, Joh Allan, Malcolm W-J, Colin Boyd, Hugh Gascoyne, Dave Archer and John Smith all took their turns for a circuit. Malcolm was today celebrating 60 years since he started flying gliders, but was unable to claim flight of the day.

Hugh had previously had a couple of check flights with Mike to get back up to speed after a few weeks without flying due to the weather and other commitments.
Airfield part covered by cloud shadow.
Last flight takes off.
So with a celebration of 60 years flying, the navy Puchacz on site and the imminent arrival of the Astir a good day flying was enjoyed by all at the club today.

Peter Howarth

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