Dartmoor Gliding News - Sunday 18th September 2022

A light north-westerly with the possibility of some soaring during the afternoon greeted the Sunday soarers. Two K13's and the K8 were given their daily inspection (DI). As part of this they were hoovered ready for the BGA audit on Tuesday.

Vital training on use of the hoover.
A steady stream of trainees arrived. The final count was eight, so the difficult decision, agreed by all was that only two flights each would be possible. First to fly with me was Sean Westrope, His two flights were enough for him to get used to trimming the aircraft at various stages of the flight. Next up was Peter Hamilton who improved his general judgement and circuit planning by making sure he starts his circuit in the correct high key area.

Peter receiving initial flight feedback.
Our first couple of visitors had arrived. Duty IFP Phil Hardwick eased them through the process of paperwork and relevant briefings ready for their flights. Michael Brown was first to fly.

Mike Brown with Phil.
Next to fly with Phil was Simon Masterman. Simon arrived with his family who watched as he enjoyed his experience with us.

Simon and family.
Our last visitor arrived with her family. Beverly Urbans had two flights with Phil who managed to extend the second to nine minutes.

Beverly and family.
Training continued with Riley and Ollie. Both had demonstrations of the zig-zag circuit to help with their judgement and circuit planning. (Ed. Must be getting through this flying list by now). Next into the front seat was Yiannis Houlis. Two flights, one of 14 minutes, saw Yiannis get used to using the trimmer as he progresses well with his training. Next trainee to fly with me was Freddie Colton. His flight of 29 minutes was the first time he had seen the north coast, south coast, Torbay and climbed to above 3000ft. This height was used to practice stalls including stall with wing drop. Freddie said it was a brilliant flight which may be his last soaring flight until he returns during his university breaks (Ed Mike no pressure for Thursday).

Freddie climbing well towards 3000ft.
Following K6 EWO in circuit

My last trainee was Andrew Downing, who managed to complete his first unaided landing. Next steps, more refinement and make it tidier. Keep going Andrew.
The only solo pilots today were Ed Borlase and Adam Hoskin. Both had rigged their K6's and enjoyed soaring flights of 1 hour 1 minute and 1 hour 56 minutes respectively.

Ed's view of Burrator and Sheepstor behind.
Adam's view of Roadford and A30.
Some of you may have counted only seven trainees. The final trainee was retuning member Dick Masters. Dick had spent most of the day giving the clubhouse a good clean ready for the audit alongside Gavin Short who was getting the paperwork ready as well. They both arrived at the launch area and Dick was happy to just have a flight with Gavin at the controls. My daughter, Paula, was also at the airfield and was a great help all day at the launch point. As a reward and also a more relaxing flight for me, I took her for a hangar flight to end the day.

Whilst packing the toys away, it was chance to give them a quick wash ready for the audit.

Pilots and pink cloths washing the K13's
Thank you to all at the club on a very busy flying day ang getting things ready for the BGA visit.

Peter Howarth

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