Dartmoor Gliding News - Sunday 12th May 2024

Members were a little slow arriving this morning so we took chance to have a relaxing tea and coffee outside the clubhouse in the sunshine.

A relaxing cuppa Al-fresco.
As a few more members joined us it was time to open the hangar and start getting the gliders out.

Puchacz out in the sunshine.
After a quick briefing, a K13, Puchacz, K8 and Ed's K6 were towed to the east end launch point.

Ed's K6 waiting in the sun.
With only one trainee today, I decided to take the first launch solo in the K13 to see what the conditions were like. Our first visitor for duty IFP Steve Fletcher arrived. Jamie Young is very interested in joining us as a junior member. After his flights he left with a smile, some paperwork so hopefully we may see him return soon to start his training.

Jamie keen to get flying.
Jamie with his certificate.
The only trainee today was Val Kiely. We got ourselves ready in the K13 and Val continued her progress with flying the launch and starting getting to grips with circuit judgment.

Val happy to fly again.
Next visitor was Pippa Sale. Her daughter Eliza had recently flown with us, so is this the start of Sales at DGS.

Pippa getting ready to fly.
Steve and Pippa launch.
Our last planned visitor Elliot Vorster arrived and enjoyed two flights with Steve in the Puchacz.

Elliot and Steve waiting to launch.
Elliot and friend Sharon with his certificate.
We had an additional visitor today. Peter Luck flew with the Albatross club in a T31 when they operated from the airfield. He popped in to see how things had changed and we offered him a couple of flights. Gavin stepped into the back seat to oblige.

Peter was able to talk Navy things with Gavin.
With a changing sky, I was tempted to have another flight in the K13. I took Val along so she could enjoy the view and take a few pictures. We were soon seen climbing along the edge of the convergence that had developed west of the airfield, After a while we were joined by Phil and Ed in the Puchacz.

Val enjoying being flown around by me.
Our view of the Puchacz.
K13 seen from the Puchacz.
Ed's earlier view of the towering clouds from his K6.
A good day flying enjoyed by the few at the club today including a new experience for me flying a convergence for the first time. With the cloudbase lowering and all flown we packed the toys away ready for another day. Thank you all for a good day, particularly David Moorley who manned the tower all day.

Peter Howarth.

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